4 ways to save your skin in a heatwave.

As Sydney swelters through three days of scorching weather, our skin works hard to maintain its composure.  Behind the scenes, your sweat glands are going into hyperdrive helping your body regulate its temperature in the extreme heat.  This can leave the pores looking more obvious, as well as making your skin extra shiny with all that oil being carried to the outer layers of your skin.  Some people will find that they are more prone to break outs in this sort of weather.  Here are the top four FOOD4FACE® recommendations for keeping your cool as the mercury rises.


- increasing your water intake will work to keep that body of yours cool, help sweat carry out toxins, and even help with any redness caused by dilated capillaries.  If you find it hard to drink the recommended 2 L of water add some frozen mango icecubes or cucumber and lemon slices, sip on iced camomile tea, and munch on high-water content foods like iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and watermelon.  These foods also contain Vitamin C, beta carotene and lycopene giving the body extra protection from UV light.


– a gentle scrub will get rid of any dead cells trapping all the oil and dirt that the increased sweat has carried to the surface of your skin.  In a particularly hot, humid environment you can add an extra scrub through the week.  If you currently use FOOD4FACE® PURPLE, BROWN, or ORANGE, you may like to try the PINK or YELLOW for this extra scrub.  The wholefood combinations in these two help combat the greasiness, deep clean the pores, even out skintone and heal any inflammation.  You could also try FOOD4FACE® GREEN, which is rich in polyphenols that have been shown to help heal skin from UVB damage.


– Ditch the foundation – a heavy foundation won’t let your skin breathe.  Use a tinted, oil-free moisturiser with built in UVA and UVB sunscreen, like this one.


– it’s the go-to fabric for hot conditions.  It conducts heat away from your body, can absorb moisture and even offers natural UV protection.  Keep it cool and casual with this season’s pinstripe.

So, put your best face forward and enjoy this little hint of summer….We all know this is Sydney, and it will be wet again before we know it!

Melanie LewisFOOD4FACE