Feeding the skin after exercise.

Have you ever entered a fun run and been gobsmacked at just how far you managed to go and how much harder you were able to push yourself than normal? Did you get that post-event glow? That red-cheeked but enlivened look to your skin? Well, you did well! As you punched through that mental barrier and pushed just a bit further than you thought was possible, your heart pumped blood harder and faster. You heated up and your vessels dilated. The blood went closer to the surface of your skin to cool you down, carrying vital nutrients and oxygen with it….. you got your glow on! The same thing happens when you dig deep in your ZUMBA or Spin Class, or any activity that elevates your heart rate for a prolonged amount of time.

Get the post workout glow

There are a number of interesting things that flow on from that. To help your body work efficiently, your cooling system engages your sweat glands. They produce a salty fluid that helps to open your pores and carry out excess oil and dirt (including makeup) that your skin has accumulated. Sometimes, the sebum (oil) is switched on a little too much, and greasy, shiny skin after exercise is the result. You’ve now produced the perfect state to go have a shower with FOOD4FACE®. Once your heart rate has slowed down and you’ve stopped producing sweat, mix it up and gently massage it into your skin. You’ll lift away the dead skin cells that may block removal of the excess dirt and sebum post-exercise, thus making way for new, plump cells rising up from the layers beneath. You’ll look radiant, refreshed and bright!

Nourish your cells

Don’t forget to moisturise with your fave moisturiser afterwards, and enjoy a healthy shake to feed your hard-worked muscles and support your skin.  Melissa Crowther, a Personal Trainer and successful IFBB fitness and bikini competitor, recommends the following recipe to help your recovery. It also ticks all the right FOOD4FACE® boxes too: berries for antioxidants that protect skin, chia for fatty acids that reduce inflammation, and protein for amino acids that help build collagen. Chuck it in the blender and you're good to go.

Melanie LewisFOOD4FACE