How to form healthy habits for healthy skin.

A habit is a behaviour pattern acquired by frequent repetition.  A common misconception is that changing or developing a new habit is a matter of repeating the desired behaviour for 21 days.  But who has ever tried to break a bad habit and found it that simple?  An article in Forbes magazine describes a more realistic model developed by business coach, Tom Bartow.

The 3 phases of habit formation

Phase 1.  – The HONEYMOON

– characterised by the feeling “this is easy”
– usually the result of something inspiring

Phase 2. – The FIGHT THRU

– the inspiration fades and reality sets in
– can be won by achieving at least two ‘fight thrus’ using the following techniques:

Recognise – say to yourself “I have entered the fight thru, and I need to win a few to get passed it”
Question – ask yourself “How will I feel if I do this?” and “How will I feel if I don’t?”
Projection – imagine how your life will be in the future if you don’t make the changes


– often described as ‘getting in the groove’, however 3 interruptions can send you back to the fight thru’s:

Discouragement – you allow negative results to discourage you (eg. “this isn’t working”)
Disruption – a significant change in your schedule occurs (eg. holiday, illness, weekend)
Seduction – you focus on positive results (eg. “I have finally figured it out”)

But what has this got to do with skin?  

Some behavioural patterns support healthy skin, such as staying hydrated, eating well, and putting the right products on our skin.  Skin has a natural rejuvenation process that is affected by age, climate, stress, and diet.  These factors can all contribute to the normal 28 day cycle being significantly slowed and that results in dull, tired-looking skin. Read more about that here.  You can help your skin maintain an optimum renewal process by making it a habit to exfoliate regularly.  FOOD4FACE™ makes it easy for you with one month’s supply of take-anywhere sachets.  We think you’ll just love the honeymoon phase (Phase 1), imagine yourself putting your best face forward (Phase 2), and be seduced by the habit of giving your skin a toxin-free retreat (Phase 3).

Join the FOOD4FACE® crowd in adding a nutritious face scrub to your beauty regime:

#WednesdayWash – jump in the shower at the gym or after your morning walk, mix & apply your scrub, massage & rinse, moisturise and head to work feeling fresh and ready to tackle a productive hump day!

#SundaySoak – after a lazy morning and brunch in bed or at your local spot, run a bath, light a candle, mix & apply your scrub, leave to infuse, then wash off feeling rejuvenated after a social weekend!

Get in the groove and you’ll get your glow on.  Now go…… and be gorgeous.

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