Food for your face, and a cup of tea.

I love watching my son use his imagination (and my best, most expensive bathroom products!) to mix up his own potions.  It takes me back to when life was all about simple pleasures.  You know what I mean: that era of your pre-grownup life when things were less complex, less demanding, more creative, and ultimately more happy.  Having studied nature formally for over ten years, I can appreciate its complexity but also its pure, unadulterated simpleness. There were times when I retreated from my hectic, stressful, demanding world of academia by concocting my own potions using simple homemade recipes. I used ingredients that were whole, unrefined, underived, but nutritious.  I slathered them on my overworked skin; it was a much needed time out.  The results were 100% ah-mazing: I felt calm and refreshed.  My skin felt calm and refreshed.

I have never been one to indulge in a chemical-laden world.  My every purchase as a consumer is a well thought out one (excluding the odd pair of shoes I just NEED to have – I know you’ll understand that indulgence well!).  I study labels on EVERYTHING.  My weekly grocery shop is an epic journey of discovery – I learn more about cheap fillers, preservatives, synthetic chemicals and additives, and toxins we are exposed to every. single. day.  Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed by it all, I want the world to stop spinning – just for a moment.  STOP.  Now breathe.  And slap on a scrub and have a cup of tea.

If life is one big rush of getting fit, climbing the corporate ladder, being the best mum on the planet, looking after your parents, work, sleep, work, sleep, work……..  then I invite you to break the daily grind and bring calm and retreat into your life.  To stop and to breathe.  If just for a moment.  Slap on a scrub and have a cup of tea, or a bath.  Indulge, refresh.  Zero synthetics.  Zero extracts. Only wholefoods.  Only actives.  A retreat for your busy face and busy life.  FOOD4FACE®.

Let me know how you go with the time out of it all……

Glow and be gorgeous,


Melanie LewisFOOD4FACE