Fed up with the modern-day use of plastic packaging the founder of FOOD4FACE™, Melanie Lewis, wanted to keep the product packaging as simple as possible.  “I was not content with any of the mainstream packaging options utilised by the beauty industry.  We have put a lot of thought into our packaging.  Not only did we minimise the processing of any ingredient we used, we minimised the processing of all the packaging materials we used.”

The standard packaging from big industry players (like L’Oreal, Revlon, and Estee Lauder) is a plastic tube or bottle that is labelled “recyclable”.  From smaller, often more ethical ‘natural’ lines (like Jurlique, Antipodes, and Aesop) the standard plastic is replaced with tinted glass that is also “recyclable” but not always “recycled”.  “We were intent on our environmental stewardship ethos to filter down all levels” says Melanie. “Recyclable packaging just didn’t cut it.” Recycling is a water-intensive, re-manufacturing, energy-consuming process that has limitations.  For example, plastic is most commonly down-cycled into other products like plastic bags.  A better way, more in line with the FOOD4FACE™ ethos, was 100% compostable, 100% simple packaging. “That way, our consumers can place all of it in their compost heap to break down into the natural elements.”

The result has been well-received.  Melanie says  “As a previous Environmental Biologist, I have enjoyed the positive feedback we have gotten regarding the aesthetic and sustainability brief achieved with our packaging design.  There is everything you need for a one month supply, and nothing superfluous to feel guilty disposing of. Pop the sachets into your home or municipal compost heap, and 30 days later it is dirt!” Even the outer carton meets the brief by forming the Post Office mailer. FOOD4FACE™ even encourage re-use of the jute string for gifts, bag tags, or decoration on their Pinterest Board.