good for your face and your conscience

Because we believe feeling good is such a huge part of looking good.


I want a product that helps my skin be healthy

Our own ageing process increases the thickness of the glue-like substance holding skin cells together, making it harder for your body to shed the dead skin cells at the outermost layer of the skin. FOOD4FACE® helps this process along to reveal the plump, lively skincells below, and allows your moisturisers and serums to work more effectively.



I want a product that is all natural

Ecologists are learning that emerging pollutants from personal care products persist in the environment to affect aquatic organisms and food webs. FOOD4FACE® uses only whole food ingredients that have been processed as minimally as possible.  This means what you wash off your face is the same as rinsing out your reusable Keep Cup.



i want a product that gives back more than it takes

Packaging doesn't have to be a throw away thought. FOOD4FACE® collaborates with a registered Fairtrade tailoring centre in the Himilayas to help them achieve Zero Waste by upcycling their scrap fabric. You'll also be helping an NGO reforest parts of Borneo that have been reclaimed from the Palm Oil Industry ensuring a future for orangutans.